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PRO 4X Gauge cluster

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Has anyone installed an 08 pro 4x gauge cluster in a prior year titan?
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Dont know if it will work cuase of the new display...
Or it might work the basics...
My experience with swapping gauges in other cars and different years, especially with changes to the gauges, typically results in the newer gauge not working 100%. Like taz mention, the basics like RPM, MPH, gas will work but I've also seen in other cars where the temp and gas gauge wiring were somehow changed in the newer models and you end up with non functioning gas gauges.

Of course, with some backwards engineering, I'm sure you can get an 08 gauge in previous years. If it's just the white face gauges look you are going for from the pro4x, maybe look into some aftermarket overlays.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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