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Pro Comp AT's - early review

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I just put Pro Comp AT's on my new 08 LE. Hated the stock SRA's and had heard they were no good in snow.

I shopped around and chose these over Nitto and Cooper for a stock replacement.

For a significantly more aggressive design, they are barely louder than the SRA's and ride and handle very nice. A bit stiffer, but that results in more confident cornering and less sidewall roll.

With snow and ice in Denver this weekend, I couldn't be any happier. Hook up real nice and never once had any issues. I even switched between 2 and 4x modes. Again, couldnt be happier.

I bought them based on their snow ratings, durability and reviews from owners.

The HUGE plus is that in the 20" size, they were nearly $80 cheaper/tire than the Nittos and two shops I spoke with that have experiences with both, claimes they last longer as well.

The other bonus is that I sold my SRA's on craigslist in 1 day for $90/tire so that amde my total investment in the new tires about $650 inc roadhazard.