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Pro Comp Chrome 17x9 6089-7938 $650 OBO

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Ok to start off if you want them PM me. Thats the order ill go in. Now that the boring stuff is over the wheels are Pro Comp Xtreme Chrome 17x9 part# 6089-7938 (Search Results by Pro Comp USA). They are in great condition, 3 are 1yr old and 1 is about a week old (got hit on that wheel and wouldnt rebalance). There are no scratches, chips or anything like that really. There is no fading and they polish up real nice. They came off my nissan titan 4x4 i believe they will also fit chevys. You can go to site and check for a match to your truck. The link for the wheels is above as well. I am asking $650/OBO. I live in Rowlett, TX 75088. Thx for the interest in advance.

Local Pick up prefered


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