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Pro Comp Xtreme A/T 305/65/17 Installed

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So after debating and doing about as much research as I could handle, I ended up going with the Pro Comp Xtreme All Terrain. I went with the 305/65/17 to replace my original 285's, and kept the stock wheels and tire pressure monitors. (Which all still work even at 50psi)

I got them at the shop in Oakland, which was nice because they had the same pricing as online, but the convenience of having a local shop in case anything ever happens and I need them serviced. Pro-Comp was also having a Buy 3 and get 1 free deal so I went for it. The tires are noticeably stiffer but hardly louder, which is nice and I am looking forward to seeing their off road performance. I'll post some pics when I get home along with my spare 285 for comparison.

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great choice. i have had mine for about 1.5 years. 25000 miles later i still love them. they have gotten a little louder, but thats probably my fault for not rotating them properly.

i put mine on the stock wheels, and i have had no rubbing issues whatsoever. no leveling kit or anything. they are a great replacement tire for someone who doesn't want to lift.

if you go to the second page, you can see a couple of pics that i posted. not the best in the world, im sorry. if you would like i can try to get some more, but it would be later today or tomorrow.
actually i forgot that i took these this weekend actually. these aren't the best for showing off the tires, but they will give you an idea. they were taken at a place called 3-corner. it is where nc, tn, and va meet.


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cmfred0232 said:
Those look great. Just to didn't need any mods and have no rubbing issue at all? If that's the case, you may have sold me on that size.
that is correct. i am completly 100% stock, and i have never had them rub once. i love my tires.
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