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Atlas said:
Has anyone had issues programming their Homelink to open their garage door? I have one of the newer Genie systems that uses the rolling codes. I have tried resetting both the Titan's Homelink and the Genie itself to no avail. Am able to get my wifes Homelink in her Suburban to work with no problems.
I had trouble getting mine programmed as well but now I'm set to go. I went to the Homelink website and the site suggested putting the key in the ACC position while programming. I did that and positioned my truck facing the garage opener. After I did this everything worked fine. I think the main problem I had at first, which the instructions don't point out, is when you want to open your garage door you have to hold the Homelink button down for about a millisecond. If you just quickly press the button an activity light flashes and nothing happens. I always just hit the button until the light came on then let go and therefor it wouldn't open. The light confused me into thinking that I had pressed the button long enough to open the door.

Now that I have the Homelink programmed, I love it. It has a longer range than my old handheld remote that always seemed to fall somewhere where I couldn't find it. Now I don't have to fiddle with changing out dead batteries either.

I programmed one of the other buttons to open my in-laws garage door since they live down the block and I take their trash to the dumpster a couple of times a week. It is a lot easier using the Homelink to do this rather than pulling out a key to go through the house to get to the garage.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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