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I'm not sure where to post this but here goes: I have a 2010 Titan and it won't start in cold weather, anything below 20f usually. Got best battery available and new battery connectors yet nobody can tell me why this is happening. Alternator, battery, and starter tested fine so it's apparently a mystery. Also my belt squeals when it's cold out. 3rd new belt this year and 2nd new tensioner so yet another mystery.
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OK, well first test is this: get a known good battery and leave it outside in the same weather. When your truck won't start on the battery you have, swap batteries and see if it starts. If it starts, it is probably battery or battery connection related. If it doesn't start, it is probably an electronics problem somewhere. If it doesn't start, I would probably start with some new board relays and work from there.

If it is battery related don't rule out the battery. Cells work much slower in very cold weather (we used to store our electronic battery stuff on my ship in a freezer) and if your battery has a dead or dying cell, that could be the catalyst.

Good luck, man. Finding electrical problems can be a *****. I was an electronics tech in the USN and I feel your pain.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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