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I have an 04 Titan with long travel in the front and a cantilever in the back with a custom Currie 9” rear end. Sense switching the rear end if I try to launch hard or drive aggressively my RPMs begin to bounce and I can’t go over 35mph, other times it seems to lock itself in 3rd gear and will not down or up shift. Some times turning the truck on and off will fix it but not always. My rev limiter also will not let me go over 85mph and my speedometer doesn’t work anymore. So if you have any insight into these issues and any solutions it would be greatly appreciated
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Currie talks about tone rings here:

"The Currie rear end uses heavy-duty axles that are designed to work with stock brakes and include tone rings to preserve the factory ABS braking system."

Maybe contact Currie and see if they can do anything.
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