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I have an 04 Titan with long travel in the front and a cantilever in the back with a custom Currie 9” rear end. Sense switching the rear end if I try to launch hard or drive aggressively my RPMs begin to bounce and I can’t go over 35mph, other times it seems to lock itself in 3rd gear and will not down or up shift. Some times turning the truck on and off will fix it but not always. My rev limiter also will not let me go over 85mph and my speedometer doesn’t work anymore. So if you have any insight into these issues and any solutions it would be greatly appreciated
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When you swapped out the rear end what did you do for wheel sensors? My assumption is the computer is looking for data from the rear end for traction control and it's not receiving what it needs.
Yeah, it has no wheel sensors on the rear end. Witch is what I figured the problem was but I’m still not sure how to fix it cause the rear end is the most expensive part on the truck I’ll change everything else to get it to work cause that rear end is not coming off that truck haha.
Currie talks about tone rings here:

[/QUOTE thanks I did a lot of reading but from what I saw they really only talked about gearing and there replacement rear they were developing around the time I put my rear end on my truck. but can you install tone rings on a rear end that wasn’t originally designed with them or can I re- program or replace my ECU so I don’t need the rear sensors?
That’s the thing my rear ended is older then that post and was originally designed to go on a trophy truck that never got built then it was later thrown on a tundra that got parted out. So it’s not the Titan rear end they offer it’s not even meant to be on a street legal vehicle but thanks for the feed back and ill be contacting Currie today.
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