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ProComp Stage 2 lift> Mid-Travel or smaller lift

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First off, my truck (08 SE/ KC), came with a ProComp Stage 2 kit w/ coilovers. They have about 30k miles on them. I'm personally just not digging a bracket lift.. I would rather have a mid travel or some type of smaller height lift.
I just want to see if anyone has some insight on what would be some options without spending a load of money..
Also, if someone is interested in the lift, I'd be happy to entertain offers..
Thanks everyone in advance!

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I just sent the link to this thread to Mike at ORW. He should chime in shortly with MT or LT options and answers. He just finished doing a make over on his truck and it looks amazing. I'd definitely be interested in your current set up. Where are you located?

Wow, thank you. That's the type of person I need a little insight from.
I'm located in Colorado Springs.
As a heads up, I still would need to find new suspension and take the time to uninstall the kit from the truck, so if you're interested you'd have to wait a little bit.

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So I heard that with these ProComp bracket lifts, you have to either drill or cut the OE front diff mount. If it is, I can't change my lift..

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