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Smart Sensor is an industry leader in professional TPMS service products. If you're looking to have full control over your tire’s health their programmable TPMS solutions will get you covered!

Boasting forward-thinking designs, the sensors deliver the cutting-edge performance you can rely on. Completely programmable to function across a wide range of TPMS-equipped applications, these sensors can be easily configured to your vehicle type to help your tire pressure monitoring system perform properly. They copy the OEM ID, prevent performing lengthy, complicated vehicle relearns, and lower the cost of service.

Smart Sensor® - One Programmable Multi-Frequency TPMS Sensor

Smart Sensor® - Pro+ Programmable Single-Frequency TPMS Sensor


  • Easy programmable solution to the selected vehicle type
  • Designed to help maintain proper pressure in your tires
  • Can be configured for many TPMS-equipped vehicle applications
  • Ensures accuracy, reduces inventory costs, prolongs tire life
  • Copies the OEM ID and avoids performing lengthy vehicle relearns
  • Premium-quality design to last you for ever-lasting durability
  • Military-grade lithium battery ensures reliable operation, long cycle life
  • Rubber valves and grommets resist heat, ozone, and harsh weather conditions
  • Provides impeccable strength and dependability
  • Comes pre-programmed specifically to your vehicle
  • Simple clamp-in installation
  • One per pack

Smart Sensor™ | Programmable TPMS Sensors & Programming Tools —

If you are looking for a smart and efficient programmable solution for your Nissan Titan, TPMS sensors by Smart Sensor would be the best choice!​
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