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Project Number 8. PRO-COMP LIFT (NEED HELP)

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OK. I need help with this setup. PRO-Comp is my choice for the lift. But what should I use for struts and shocks. Now my local dealer wants to charge me for 12 hrs for labor and telling me that I need bearings and all these extra parts... Which adds another grand to the install and the price of the pro-comp. Which I dont want to spend... Just to lift a truck. Knowing the under the truck is clean.. There saying the bearings and bushing will be bad on a 2011 titan with only 36,000 miles on it.. That would be kinda weird.. :eek_surprise: .. So does anyone in BINGHAMTON NY area knows anyone to do the work. Because now I am in a pickle to find anyone. Now I did find a local pro-comp cert installer. But they turned the job down. Because there saying there going to need special tools to do the job..

What special tools do you need to do the job on the stage 1 setup.. Because I am will to pay for them...
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You yourself could install a PC 6" in your driveway with basic hand tools, jackstands, and a decent jack. I say that from experience :lol:

As for struts and shocks, 5100 fronts and 5125 rears. Or get spendy and buy bracket lift saws for the front, and 5125 rears.

If it were me, get some buddies and a case of beer, and do it yourself then find somewhere to get it aligned. If you don't d!ck with your tie rods too much, your alignment won't be too far off and you can just get the toe in check before driving it to an alignment shop.

Worked well for me on my Titan while I still had it. Easy install, basic tools, and a hell of a day with some friends.
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