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Prolem with aftermarket body side moldings

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So i purchased all of the body side moldings for my nissan titan from and i already knew that drilling holes in my door would be a task. I actually took my titan to a body shop and they said that they would not do the job becuause they would have to drill the holes in the doors, they then suggested that i used double sided tape, the only problem i have with that is that i do not think that it would look right or they would fall off. On the front side moldings, there are plugs that would fit into drilled holes and im sure that they would stay so i am debating drilling the holes myself; now on the back side moldings, there are no plugs and drilling holes would do no good so i may have to use the tape for that...anyone have any suggestions?
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I would use the 3M Auto adhesive tape and not drill any holes.This stuff is strong and if you clean everything properly will last forever!
Hell,this is what is holding half the cars together on the road today LOL
I agree, avoid the drilling. The 3M tape is just as permanent (perhaps more so.)
Did the moldings not come with double sided tape? The service manual states that is how the factory ones are held on so that would be the best option to install yours. Make sure to clean the area with isopropyl alcohol to degrease the area.


 On vehicles coated with Hard Clear Coat, use double-faced 3M adhesive tape Product No. 4210 or equivalent,
after priming with 3M primer Product No. N200, C-100 or equivalent.
 The repair parts are also affixed with double-faced adhesive tape.
 To re-use existing molding, clean all traces of double sided tape from the molding and apply new doublefaced
tape to the molding.
1. Clean the panel surface with isopropyl alcohol or equivalent to degrease the surface.
2. Heat the panel and molding tape surface to 30° to 40°C (86° to 104°F).
3. Remove the backing sheet from the tape surface.
 Align the locating pin into the hole in the outer door.
 Continue aligning the pins into their corresponding holes in the outer door during installation.
4. Press ends by hand and use a roller to apply 5 kg-f (11 lbs-f) to press molding to door surface.
 Apply even pressure along molding to insure proper wet out.
To secure contact, do not wash vehicle for 24 hours after installation.
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Thank you guys a lot, all of the responses really helped
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