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Proven EXHAUST thread by night owl******

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Guys, How about us starting a thread over PROVEN exhaust setups that have no or very minimal DRONE, RASP and CIS. Since our Titan is such a finicky exhaust and is such a bear to tune and get right I think this thread would be helpful to guys trying to get their beast right. So, if you have a outstanding exhaust with none of the above state what you gavin going on from motor to exit in order. State the tone and loudness as well as any cel. No arguing over who has what and what is better! I know there are threads all ready on exhaust but lets get a new updated one going and try to keep it on subject and all in one place. Just wanted to do this due to being asked so many times what works and I think it would be helpful...:)

Heres what I have- Stillen headers-2.5" Cajun bpipes with vibrant reso's-jba catback-full length tailpipe side exit with a ultra quite over rear axle. I have Zero drone, rasp or cis with this setup. I have no cel issues with stillens emulator wired in. Non up rev titan. My truck has a deep tone not too loud and returns to a nice mellow rumble in overdrive. Radio can be heard easy.. mine is a emissions inspectors nightmare.

NOISE LEVELS 1-10----- 1 being stock to 10 being too dang loud.... mine is a 3
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What would be a great muffler swap for my 2004 Nissan Titan??? I’m looking to buy something tonight. Looking for something loud and deep is that’s possible.
Hello peeps I have one question. My muffler I have on my truck right now is bolted on. Can I buy any muffler and just replace the old
One ?
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Bringing this thread back out in the open. This was on it when I bought the truck.
My info is stock to bubba’d pipe upsize to MagnaFlow 2.5di/3so then more bubba’d pipe exit before rear tire and I added a cheap dc reso tip a few weeks ago.
Volume 2/idle 5/wot
Drone 3 in between 1500-1900rpm none in OD
Cis 5 before tip 3 after tip
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Nevermind. Card in spoke sound

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