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Hey all, as you may know there’s been a whole lot of controversy regarding Pulstar plugs floating around on the interweb lately. Well we at decided to get down and dirty and run them in our recent batch of dyno testing - here’s what we found:

-The Pulstars performed consistently well in our ‘08 Dakota. One of the stats that we measured shows the variation in a plugs performance between pulls, helping us to get a small glimpse at its potential consistency. The stock plug, a NGK V-power (ZFR6F-11G) varied in peak HP 2.3% between runs while the Pulstar iridium (Be-1i) varied by only 1.24%.

-The pulstar iridium (Be-1i) measured 136.5lb-ft peak torque while the stock plug measured 135.09lb-ft.

-On its worst pull, the stock plug gave a peak of 123.25hp, while the worst run of Pulstar’s Iridiums produced a peak of 129.19hp.

-The Pulstar platinum (Be-1p) measured 90.25lb-ft average torque @ 4600RPM while the stock plug only measured 89lb-ft average torque.
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