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Purchased TITAN LE CC 4WD

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Hey everyone glad i found this cool site, just purchased my Titan LE CC 4WD smoke with graphite leather with Tow, guards, mats for invoice, 3.5 % for 60 months plus extended warranty for 75K/ 6yrs for 250 bucks! I will miss my trusty 4runner that NEVER had a problem, but man I love this beast of a truck!!!
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Congratulations on both your new purchase and finding your way here. Where are the pictures?
Thanks for the welcome....any tips on posting pics would be appreciated!
Tips? Take a picture, upload it to a storage area of your choosing on the web (you probably have some space given to you by your ISP, you just don't know it), paste the URL of the picture once you upload it into a message and you will have our attention.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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