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I have recently decided to upgrade to a crew cab truck from my Jeep TJ due to growing family needs. Having looked around in my area, a 2007 Titan LE stands out among several F-150s. I will include a link to the post at the end. I want to get a buyers inspection done on it by a local Midas, but what else do I look for that the average mechanic wouldn't catch? What are some of the common problems assocciated with the 2007 titan? It's sitting at roughly 126k miles and despite the number of miles it has, I'm looking for a vehicle that doesn't require a lot of maintenance since that is part of the reason I'm looking to upgrade from the Jeep. Thanks for any help.
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The last F150 I bought was in Anchorage I think if you compare comparable models, say an 04-07 F150 to the Titan, they both will have their issues, Fords in those years will have cam Phaser issues, problems when changing spark plugs( they like to weld themselves into the head and usually will break off when trying to remove them) and rear axle seal (not just a Nissan problem). Not sure what other trucks you have looked at or the mileage, but 126K on a 10 year old truck is below average From what I can see looking at the pictures, it looks like it is in good shape, considering it is an Alaska truck, most people don't realize how brutal Alaska can be on a vehicle.
looking at the pics, it does look like the passenger rear has been hit, that bumper looks a little off...angled down and pushed forward a bit.
Oh god are those spark plugs a nightmare. I've got the removal tool in my toolbox and I never want to do that job again. A solid 12 hours under the hood, most miserable job I've ever done and took a pep talk from the head mechanic at local Ford dealer for me to get the job done as he assured me I was doing everything how they did it and that yes it was a miserable job, to the point they even on occasion (though very rare) have had to pull the motor and remove the plug from the inside. Of course the first plug came out easy for me giving me hope, the rest all broke which meant using the extraction tool to try and grab and pull the liner out only to have it let loose and try again, and again, and again until it finally comes. ::crying::

Indy, my son had his 05 in the shop a few months ago because it was running rough, he's away at college driving the 05 we bought for him. WIt ended u being aCOP that wasn't working but we also had the dealership do the spark plugs for him, they broke 6 of them. Of course they charge extra for the removal of broken plugs, even though it is caused by their own design. His 05 has also been in for cam phasers, rear seals (twice) Yet it only has 47k miles on it.
OUCH!!! While it sounds ridiculous to charge extra for the broken plugs, after doing the job I know why they have to do it, the number of hours spent is huge.
What about fuse boxes catching on fire or something along those lines? A friend from work, who owned a 2011 Titan, warned me to stay clear of any 04-07/08 models because there was some sort of recall after several were catching on fire. Problem is, I can't find any info in google about said issue. I can look for used titans and have them inspected of course, check for the common issues such as exhaust manifolds and axle seals, but what worries me is the stuff that can't be seen prior to it happening such as electrical fires and if there was a common occur axe of it happening, then I'd like to know what years it was happening in and steer clear of those. Thanks for all your help guys, I have been out looking at several trucks of all makes but the titans still seem to standing ahead of the rest as the next purchase.
That's a new one to me. And if you can't find anything on Google, then that gives you a clue how big of a problem it was.
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