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I have recently decided to upgrade to a crew cab truck from my Jeep TJ due to growing family needs. Having looked around in my area, a 2007 Titan LE stands out among several F-150s. I will include a link to the post at the end. I want to get a buyers inspection done on it by a local Midas, but what else do I look for that the average mechanic wouldn't catch? What are some of the common problems assocciated with the 2007 titan? It's sitting at roughly 126k miles and despite the number of miles it has, I'm looking for a vehicle that doesn't require a lot of maintenance since that is part of the reason I'm looking to upgrade from the Jeep. Thanks for any help.
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Thanks, that's exactly the information I'm looking for. With my price range, any truck I look at is going to be more than 10 years old with over 100k miles. I'm prepared for some maintenance to be performed, but wanted to know the big stuff, like what's mentioned in the link, to look for so I'm not bombarded as soon as I drive off the lot. I test drove the titan I linked and really liked it, but it was the first truck I looked at and only one I've drove, so I'm skeptical because I really don't want to get burned. Thanks for your help.
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What about fuse boxes catching on fire or something along those lines? A friend from work, who owned a 2011 Titan, warned me to stay clear of any 04-07/08 models because there was some sort of recall after several were catching on fire. Problem is, I can't find any info in google about said issue. I can look for used titans and have them inspected of course, check for the common issues such as exhaust manifolds and axle seals, but what worries me is the stuff that can't be seen prior to it happening such as electrical fires and if there was a common occur axe of it happening, then I'd like to know what years it was happening in and steer clear of those. Thanks for all your help guys, I have been out looking at several trucks of all makes but the titans still seem to standing ahead of the rest as the next purchase.
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