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I have recently decided to upgrade to a crew cab truck from my Jeep TJ due to growing family needs. Having looked around in my area, a 2007 Titan LE stands out among several F-150s. I will include a link to the post at the end. I want to get a buyers inspection done on it by a local Midas, but what else do I look for that the average mechanic wouldn't catch? What are some of the common problems assocciated with the 2007 titan? It's sitting at roughly 126k miles and despite the number of miles it has, I'm looking for a vehicle that doesn't require a lot of maintenance since that is part of the reason I'm looking to upgrade from the Jeep. Thanks for any help.
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Bottom line, don't get a Titan to be a heavy duty tow machine, but they are OUTSTANDING light duty tow machines. If you need to bump up on towing duty, you will sacrifice some comfort for's just a basic fact of trucks in general. A Volvo N-14 cummins with a ten speed is really comfy to drive over the road, even more so to sleep in.. But it certainly isn't going to compete in sheer grunt to a day-cab tandem/tandem flatbed with a 21 sp and a C-25 Cat motor. The former is a cruiser, the latter will beat the hell out of you, but can haul the volvo, with load, and then some, anywhere, on or off-road, without a strain. as I'm fond of saying, it's about picking what suits your needs and your a$$, not about brand or popularity.
This is a great post. Everything in life is a compromise, somewhere.
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