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I have recently decided to upgrade to a crew cab truck from my Jeep TJ due to growing family needs. Having looked around in my area, a 2007 Titan LE stands out among several F-150s. I will include a link to the post at the end. I want to get a buyers inspection done on it by a local Midas, but what else do I look for that the average mechanic wouldn't catch? What are some of the common problems assocciated with the 2007 titan? It's sitting at roughly 126k miles and despite the number of miles it has, I'm looking for a vehicle that doesn't require a lot of maintenance since that is part of the reason I'm looking to upgrade from the Jeep. Thanks for any help.
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Anything over 100K you buy is going to be a ton of maintenance. Let me rephrase that...anything with 4 wheels and a motor that you buy, at any mileage, is going to be a ton of maintenance if you want it to last long and perform well. I mean, obviously I prefer the Titan over the F-150, or I would own an(other) F-150. Just read up, the weak points on Titans are knocked to death on this forum. Start here ---> <---. It depends on what you want and need in a truck. Anything ten years old with 100k+ comes down to just preference, there's no warranties or incentives to compare, and it won't have all the new trendy gadgets integrated. I'd say get in a Titan. Better snap with the long pedal, and (To me anyway) far more comfortable on the lower brain, but only you can decide.
I'm happy with both my Titans (other than fuel mileage). I traded a 2011 F250 diesel in on my Pro 4X earlier this month. I enjoyed driving my wife's 2010 LE so much more than the F250 and the Titan meets my towing needs. However, I've gone from averaging 16mpg to averaging around 13mpg. Just be aware of that when considering a Titan. I knew it going in but many people are surprised by the mileage.
apples to oranges, really. MPG on an oil burner is almost always going to be better... There's times I think about how much $ in fuel I would have saved over the last 8 years had I gotten a diesel instead of the T (I was also looking at a used, no frills, CC longbed F-350 when I bought my new titan) JUST due to idle time. But in the half-ton world, I have yet to meet anything that tows as comfortably and intuitively as a Titan. Get into 3/4 and one-ton realms, and there's no comparison. My wife's 2500 suburban with the 496cui, gets comparable mileage, and can out-tow the Titan in any conditions, BUT the comfort factor just isn't there (GM seats torture me). My 89 F-350 dually (7.3idi) isn't fast, quiet, or comfy, but it will out-tow anything that has a nissan logo on it including a 35 NV... but after a run, you know you WORKED to drive it. The other factor, is that anything needing to be fixed on a Powerstroke is going to seriously traumatize the wallet, where the VK56DE is pretty middling cost-wise. From my experience, the higher fuel costs are drastically offset by the lower maintenance costs when going ford/gm/ram vs titan (0 experience with Tundras), and especially going diesel vs gas if you don't have the need for the sheer grunt and torque of a coal-thrower.

Maybe I have an odd POV on this, because I regularly roll Kenworths and Peterbilts that make any pickup look like fluff when it comes to power and towing capacity (And mileage? roll a diesel that holds 300 gallons and averages 5-7MPG up to a pump on your about pain...), but to me, a diesel is all work and no play, where a gas can do both. When you are talking need for dragging, nothing beats a diesel (Except maybe, a bigger diesel), no matter how much more comfortable it is, because preference and feel-good, is far lower on priority than basic function and ability. When you have a workhorse that is also a daily driver and a recreational ride, you have to balance, and the Titan does that very well.

Bottom line, don't get a Titan to be a heavy duty tow machine, but they are OUTSTANDING light duty tow machines. If you need to bump up on towing duty, you will sacrifice some comfort for's just a basic fact of trucks in general. A Volvo N-14 cummins with a ten speed is really comfy to drive over the road, even more so to sleep in.. But it certainly isn't going to compete in sheer grunt to a day-cab tandem/tandem flatbed with a 21 sp and a C-25 Cat motor. The former is a cruiser, the latter will beat the hell out of you, but can haul the volvo, with load, and then some, anywhere, on or off-road, without a strain. as I'm fond of saying, it's about picking what suits your needs and your a$$, not about brand or popularity.
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it's not an issue with fire, it's an issue with failure... something about silicone inside the relays building up and inhibiting signal, which shuts down the brain...(what i gathered from a lot of reading, and the theory that makes the most sense to me). If it happens to your Titan, it will be dead in the water and need repaired, not burning down around your ears needing to be extinguished.
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