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Purchasing pre 2015 titan as work truck

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Hey folks, I currently own a xterra which I use to tow my work trailer. I am a general contractor and having space to load gear and material is important. The trailer itself is light and my xterra tows it fine, even loaded, but I want a bed to place sheet goods into.

Honest opinion from titan folks, would you use a titan as a dedicated work truck? My budget on this work truck is 25k tops. I dont need bells and whistles but 4x4 with a full size bed.
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I say go for its a great all around truck easy to service an hella reliable. If you dont with the longbed you could go kingcab since it has a longer bed than the 4 door.
I see what your saying it wont hang much past it if any also you can get the bed extender which helps out quite a bit.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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