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Purchasing pre 2015 titan as work truck

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Hey folks, I currently own a xterra which I use to tow my work trailer. I am a general contractor and having space to load gear and material is important. The trailer itself is light and my xterra tows it fine, even loaded, but I want a bed to place sheet goods into.

Honest opinion from titan folks, would you use a titan as a dedicated work truck? My budget on this work truck is 25k tops. I dont need bells and whistles but 4x4 with a full size bed.
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The Titan would be a great choice with one exception, bed space. If your going to utilize the bed frequently, it's going to come up short...literally. IMO, a 6.5 bed or larger is a must.
So I wont be able to get a full size bed with a full size cab. Thats fine as long as sheet good can lay down flat between the wheel wells. So with the tail get down, the material should not hang past the gate right?[/QUOTE]
In most cases, true. But did you consider security and weather related issues?
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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