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Hey guys, so last night after work I decided to do the famous PWM. I had slight rubbing and it was just a matter of time to do it. So I did, easy although I think I cut a little too much off the passenger side...I was using a sawzall and didn't realize how deep I had cut. Could this be a potential problem? Water intrusion into the cab/firewall? I definitely solved my rubbing issue! haha I posted a few pics. Any input would be appreciated! Thanks! Stone tool Hand Finger Artifact Mineral

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whats the fender look like?

few guys have gone back and re welded few i mean like one or two. most, like myself left it alone and don't have any issues. You being in the salt and whatnot during the winters might wanna make sure you get a good coat of paint at the minimum on that. I would do brush on bedliner or something that will really stay on that metal.

my tires still rub and constantly sand that metal smooth so rust isn't an issue lolz
well if your fender falls off then you'll know.

make sure you disconnect your battery before welding.
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