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Hey guys, so last night after work I decided to do the famous PWM. I had slight rubbing and it was just a matter of time to do it. So I did, easy although I think I cut a little too much off the passenger side...I was using a sawzall and didn't realize how deep I had cut. Could this be a potential problem? Water intrusion into the cab/firewall? I definitely solved my rubbing issue! haha I posted a few pics. Any input would be appreciated! Thanks! Stone tool Hand Finger Artifact Mineral

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It appears you cut into the joint at the base of the fender. A picture of the fender itself would be a huge help in understanding whether you cut too deep or not. If you did, you may be looking at having someone weld up the hole or some such. That'll be a pain in the rear. Hard to tell what you "cut into" where that one pic shows the two pieces flaring away from one another. A pic of this area on the truck will tell a whole lot more.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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