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Question about my brakes

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Hey there. I have a 2014 Titan, base model, totally stock except for me adding a tow bar.

I feel like my brakes are pretty weak, compared to the weight of the truck, and this was especially true when I was towing. I'm looking to upgrade the brakes, and was hoping folks might have some suggestions for me. I have two ways I can see going: budget, where I upgrade the pads, and luxury, where I upgrade the rotors to drilled and slotted at the same time I upgrade the pads.

Any tips or advice is appreciated. I'm willing to do just about anything to get nice grippy brakes, as I drive regularly in the mountains.
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The OEMs are ceramic, and maybe that's the problem, like you guys are saying. I'll check out the Power Stops you recommend, Rambob.

I've heard about the warping/cracking of drilled/slotted rotors as well, and that's why I'm nervous to make the upgrade. I guess it doesn't hurt to start at pads, and see what difference it makes. I just don't like the feeling that even empty, this truck will stop when it gets around to it, not when I ask it to. It's the only thing I don't like about it. Well, that and the turning radius . . .
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Thanks for the detailed answer, Nick Name! I'm definitely going to be looking at semi-metallic. What are your thoughts on the O'Reilly pads, if I'm not towing (we just sold our trailer the other day)?
Fair enough, HRTKD. I'll avoid O'Reilly, and get something name branded.
I'm having trouble finding some of these parts - Brembo, so on - for the 2014 Titan. Was there a late model change that makes earlier years different?
Wow. That's an amazing kit, and and *awesome* solution if/when I decide to go whole-hog. Thanks!
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