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Question about my brakes

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Hey there. I have a 2014 Titan, base model, totally stock except for me adding a tow bar.

I feel like my brakes are pretty weak, compared to the weight of the truck, and this was especially true when I was towing. I'm looking to upgrade the brakes, and was hoping folks might have some suggestions for me. I have two ways I can see going: budget, where I upgrade the pads, and luxury, where I upgrade the rotors to drilled and slotted at the same time I upgrade the pads.

Any tips or advice is appreciated. I'm willing to do just about anything to get nice grippy brakes, as I drive regularly in the mountains.
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This came up some time back and I put a fairly extensive response out there on the topic. The essence of it: Semi's pulling 53ft trailers are loaded to 80,000 pounds. They do not use slotted and drilled rotors to stop.... Those with disc brake systems use solid rotors. They also use semi metallic pads for the best stopping power. (same with airplanes)

This is the exact same set up most every old man with a travel trailer I know uses (me included!) EBC rotors for me, but there are other good brands to choose from. EBC yellow towing pads for me, there again are other good brands, Hawke comes up a lot and I have also used their stuff. I used to race Corvettes back in the 80's and early 90's. Slotted and drilled was all the rage until they started cracking between the holes. It's a heat thing vs thin metal sections not cooling evenly. You don't see those being used much any longer. High performance racing systems use Kevlar based pads that don't even start to bite until really hot....too fancy, expensive and slow to grab for towing. Racecar rotors are different too, made quite large, and have very wide fan systems built into the rotor internals. Watch Nascar night races and you'll see the rotors glowing.

Ceramics are used to make brake dust 'invisible' due to the color of their dust. That's the only problem they solve and that's why manufacturers went to them. Keeps the alloy wheels looking good longer. More brake power will come from different 6 piston Brembos or Wilwood if you really want to stop fast and safe.

Almost forgot....keep your Dot4 brake fluid changed out often if you're doing mountains. Nothing like the excitement of boiling fluid in the caliper trying to stop going down hill!
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Titan-Armada - Kits

This is a bolt on 6 piston kit using Wilwood parts. Other large caliper set ups require fab work. Either way, you'll end up at about $2K on the front end and slightly less on the rear if you replace the stock set up.
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