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Question about my brakes

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Hey there. I have a 2014 Titan, base model, totally stock except for me adding a tow bar.

I feel like my brakes are pretty weak, compared to the weight of the truck, and this was especially true when I was towing. I'm looking to upgrade the brakes, and was hoping folks might have some suggestions for me. I have two ways I can see going: budget, where I upgrade the pads, and luxury, where I upgrade the rotors to drilled and slotted at the same time I upgrade the pads.

Any tips or advice is appreciated. I'm willing to do just about anything to get nice grippy brakes, as I drive regularly in the mountains.
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The general consensus on drilled rotors and towing is: Don't do it. Guys have reported seeing cracks coming out from the drilled holes. This may be limited to a single brand.

I would go with replacing the pads first. Don't use a ceramic pad. My experience has been that ceramic pads are great for not producing dust but provide less stopping power than non-ceramic pads. I believe the OEM pads are ceramic, at least they were on the '07 which IMHO had crappy brakes.
Yeah, I've been researching this and a lot actually saying now that you should go to drilled rotors for towing. Pads will wear out a little clicker, but most I've read it is the best way to go.

I'll be going PowerStop this spring before I start camping.
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