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Question about my brakes

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Hey there. I have a 2014 Titan, base model, totally stock except for me adding a tow bar.

I feel like my brakes are pretty weak, compared to the weight of the truck, and this was especially true when I was towing. I'm looking to upgrade the brakes, and was hoping folks might have some suggestions for me. I have two ways I can see going: budget, where I upgrade the pads, and luxury, where I upgrade the rotors to drilled and slotted at the same time I upgrade the pads.

Any tips or advice is appreciated. I'm willing to do just about anything to get nice grippy brakes, as I drive regularly in the mountains.
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The general consensus on drilled rotors and towing is: Don't do it. Guys have reported seeing cracks coming out from the drilled holes. This may be limited to a single brand.

I would go with replacing the pads first. Don't use a ceramic pad. My experience has been that ceramic pads are great for not producing dust but provide less stopping power than non-ceramic pads. I believe the OEM pads are ceramic, at least they were on the '07 which IMHO had crappy brakes.
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I have ceramic pads. Won't be going back to them. Brakes feel soft all the time. I'll still stop if I have to, but I have to pretty much be standing on them to do so.
That was pretty much my experience with the OEM pads/rotors. With the new pads/rotors (Bosch) I actually had the ABS kick in on dry pavement.
Where are you seeing people say to go drilled for towing. That is completely different from what I've been seeing.
I'm not real thrilled with a lot of O'reilly name brand parts. Stick with name brands you recognize. My brother and I an O'reilly fuel pump come out of the box looking like it had been used. The components weren't even working. One of their alternators didn't even last a year.
I wish I had the time and money to buy the various flavors of rotors/pads and test them for stopping distance. I have three sets of 17" wheels/tires/sensors so I have too much invested there to switch to a brake system that requires 18" - or even 20" - wheels.
Ditch the ceramic pads. My experience is that I get much better braking action with semi-metallic.
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