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Question about replacing R/F system

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I have a 2014 SL, with the R/F system, and was considering replacing the stereo system, is this too much, or is it worth it, have XM radio, backup camera, steering wheel controls, Bluetooth, and want to be able to continue to use all of these as well. also want to be able to use the dvd player when on long trips for the wife & kids
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was also considering adding a DVD player for the long road trips
It will depend on what you're trying to gain by replacing it. You pretty well have all the boxes checked as far as function. If you swap, you'll need a new XM receiver as the factory one is unique and only works with the factory syatem, I believe. You'll need a steering wheel control adapter, but that's not a big deal. You'll need to figure out if the existing backup camera hookup is adaptable to an aftermarket deck but it "should be."

If you're just looking for more punçh, you might consider doing a speaker/amp/sub upgrade instead.
Okay so if I just wanted to replace the speakers, amp, and sub, what would I be looking at. Okay gonna put an age on myself, been a while since I've done anything like this, what speakers are quality now, I come from the time when pioneer, and sony, were top of the line.
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