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Question about tow mirror conversion

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Hi everyone-

I have a 2006 XE with the tow package but not towing mirrors. I just bought the manual extendable mirrors from 1A Auto and they seem like a quality product. My question is inside the box there is a paper saying I require mounting brackets, which my truck does not currently have. I just bough the R/L brackets off Courtesy parts for like $9 a piece.

My question is how does this bracket attach? I currently have the four holes for the threaded ends of the mirror to go through and then attach four flange nuts. Based on photos online the other models have one threaded end with flange nut and three threaded spots for the torx screws on the bracket.

I hope I am making sense, this is really confusing me!
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So I guess the mirrors with the 4 threaded studs just need nuts on the end and they are good to go. The mirrors with only 1 threaded end require the bracket. Wasted $30 buying the brackets. They need to take that damn paper out of the box because it is not correct!
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