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Question after header install

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I tightened everything back down after the header install but when I'm going from Drive to Reverse there is a slight metal on metal sounding noise coming from the engine bay. Started doing it right after the headers install, almost like the motor isn't in the right spot. When I tightened it back down I basically centered the fan in the shroud (even space, about 1" on top and bottom) and then tq'd them down. Any idea? I don't think it's something bad but annoying.
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Al, how can you bend an E-mount??

DS, check the heatshields right where the front O2 sensors are. You might of bend 'em when you removed the mani's heat shields. That was the source of my noise.


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Sounds like a bent motor mount to me. Don't take offense but Did you unbolt both left and right prior to jacking it up? How night did u jack it up? 1- 1.5 inches is more than enough
Lol.....Yes I loosened both! Jacked up just far enough to get manis out. They aren't bent:) ill check the heat shields. Thanks bbtruck
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