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Question after header install

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I tightened everything back down after the header install but when I'm going from Drive to Reverse there is a slight metal on metal sounding noise coming from the engine bay. Started doing it right after the headers install, almost like the motor isn't in the right spot. When I tightened it back down I basically centered the fan in the shroud (even space, about 1" on top and bottom) and then tq'd them down. Any idea? I don't think it's something bad but annoying.
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Al, how can you bend an E-mount??

DS, check the heatshields right where the front O2 sensors are. You might of bend 'em when you removed the mani's heat shields. That was the source of my noise.

Sounds like a bent motor mount to me. Don't take offense but Did you unbolt both left and right prior to jacking it up? How night did u jack it up? 1- 1.5 inches is more than enough
Lol.....Yes I loosened both! Jacked up just far enough to get manis out. They aren't bent:) ill check the heat shields. Thanks bbtruck
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