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Question for those with airbags

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Just installed airbags and I am presently on my first trip with them. I have stopped twice alread and let out air. Started at 60lbs and presenly ay 30lbs.

My 5th wheel is 6500 empty so I'm probably at 8k or close. I have no idea of the tonge weight :(

Does not seem that I even need the 30lbs and will probably go down some when I hook back up. Is this the norm... They state 100 max and 5 low. I have Firestones.

Just seems like any air lifts the rear???
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BUMP! back to the experts
Firestone... was excellent fix and actually installed a lot easier than I had expected. Highly recommended so far.
No drilling for me... there is a "nut on a stick" for attaching one bolt into the frame where the hole is already there. That took some constructive bending to get lined up.

The entire install was done in my garage by myself... took my time and all went well.

This weekend is the leveling kit... wish me luck :)
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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