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Question for those with airbags

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Just installed airbags and I am presently on my first trip with them. I have stopped twice alread and let out air. Started at 60lbs and presenly ay 30lbs.

My 5th wheel is 6500 empty so I'm probably at 8k or close. I have no idea of the tonge weight :(

Does not seem that I even need the 30lbs and will probably go down some when I hook back up. Is this the norm... They state 100 max and 5 low. I have Firestones.

Just seems like any air lifts the rear???
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Sorry for the late reply on this one. If I'm not pulling anything I leave 10psi in mine. When I pull about 7,000# (tractor and equipment trailer) I have found that 25-30psi works well for me.
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