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Question regarding dash kits

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Long time reader, first time caller.

After a year of shopping, i finally purchased a 2008 Titan XE Crew Cab. Supposed to arrive from manufacturing on September 14th. While im waiting, im starting to purchase installation equipment to move my old stereo into the Titan. IN particular, im interested in the opinions of the current dash kits on the market.

Scosche and Metra both have kits for 2007 Titans. First, will these kits work in the 2008 or have there been changes made to the dash since '07?

Second, which is the better kit? If it helps, i will be installing a Pioneer AVIC-N3.
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08 dash kits are not out yet and they are different from the 08's. I am just collecting audio stuff for the mean time. I would think it'll take about 6 months for it to hit the market.
Well thats no good, guess i will be waiting a while to install. Is the wiring harness still the same or will I need to wait on that as well?
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