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Questions about campers and thule rack

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I have a few questions regarding some camper shells.

1. Are shells interchangable between vehiciles? I found a guy selling an A.R.E. about 45min away. Before I go drive to see it, I was wondering if I was way out line. He had it on an '02 GMC double cab. He said the dimensions are 5.5 feet by 6ft. Would it fit on a crewcab titan?

2. How much do the Thule racks go for? I am talking about the ones that mount on the shell of the camper. I might be getting one that has the wind deflector, The Thule 430 Tracker II complete base roof rack system and 42 inch Thule Tracks.

Thanks fellas for any insight or help.
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I have asked this question to a dealer and primarily the problem is the tailgate on the titan. The top of the gate as it's closed bumps out where the handle is. On a topper designed for the titan the topper rear hatch has a piece under the window that matches our tailgate's unique shape. On a topper for another brand truck, If it's a center mounted latch on the topper there is no clearance for the mechanism to turn. If the topper is the two latches with one on each side it may work but will still have a major leak issue where the tailgate sticks out beyond the topper. Hope this makes sense.
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