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Hey guys, a little OT but need a quick hand.

Just picked up a new 2015 Infiniti QX80 and I'm sorting out a winter tire/wheel combo for it.

Will OEM 20x8" wheels from a 1st gen QX56 or Titan/Armada fit the (2nd Gen) QX80??

Bolt pattern is same (6x139.7), Backspacing very close, but Discount Tire tells me the lugs are larger on the 2nd Gen and I'm not sure how large the lug holes are gonna be on the 1st Gen wheels until I buy a set and test-fit them.

Just wondering if anyone knows how "tight" the lug holes are drilled in the OEM wheels on the 1st gens. FYI the wheel I'm looking at is 40300-ZQ20A

Thanks for any help, nobody on the QX forum was able to help, and I'm trying to avoid ordering wheels just to test em:)

Thanks! Ben
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