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QX56 Gauge swap completed**Acting a little strange

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I have an 06 CC, swapped the gauges today for the QX (out of a 2005) and I like the new look. For the first few trips when i turn on the truck, the water temp and tach gauges read normal and then drop, back and forth every few seconds for at least a minute. Also sometimes the backlighting of the whole cluster will flicker before it stays on, say 30 seconds each time. After a minute or two, all these symptoms stop and everything seems to work fine. Any ideas people?? I'm guessing its a computer\communication issue?? Also the cruise light remains illuminated, and the CEL is on.

I bought this cluster off someone on the armada forums and he had no idea what the mileage was....34569 to my 35329 original! lucked out.

Any ideas to solve these problems would be great, thanks!
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Do you know if your cluster has Smart vision? You can tell by the part number. These part numbers do not have smart vision:
24810-7s602 - 2004-2005
24810-7s60c - 2005
24810-7s61c - 2006
24810-7s62c - 2007
The part numbers ending in the letter "a" does have smart vision and could be giving you an issue.

Do you know if your cluster has adaptive cruise built in? If so that is why your cruise control loght may be on.

When I hooked up my gauge (24810-7s61c) the backlight turned off when I put my headlights on. Wiggling the connector temporarly fixed the issue, but I hope it's only a loose pin on the back. I didn't have the Cruise light issue, but I do not have adaptive cruise built into my gauge.
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