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So I just put my new Rotors and pads from R1 concept. First off this was easier than I thought it was going to be :) I was looking for better braking because I put 305's on the truck this spring and the stock brakes were not cutting it. It took me all of 2 hours to do the hole job and I am pretty mechanical (but dont have all the convenient tools). So here are 2 tips that I found to be very
1) When removing the front caliper bracket (2 21mm bolts) that need to be removed so that you can remove the front rotors, the easiest way to get them off is heating the hub so that you can free up the "locktite" that holds them. I had a 3' breaker bar on them to start and they move but very painfully. Once I put the torch to them they came out like butter. Be very careful to not heat up the anti lock sensor. I made sure I put a wet rag over that and it work perfect. BTW you only need a regular propane plumbing torch. I let them cool and during reassemble I reapplied Loctite and I am good to go :)
2) When removing the rear rotor it became clear to me that they were not going to just pop off. Once you remove the rear wheel and remove the caliper all you need is a 2lb sledge and give it a good whack in the top and bottom of the rotor and that should free up the Emergency brake pads.

All in all very happy :) we will see how much brake dust they cause. :gunz:
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