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Hey guys, new to the forum but not new to titans. Yesterday I installed a set of radflo 2.5 extended coilovers I bought from greg at PRG about 6 months ago, along with a set of PRG UCAs that I had laying around from my last truck. Greg made me a deal on these coilovers because they were returned by someone who ordered the wrong shocks. These were basically new, only halfway installed then returned to Greg. My truck is a 2012 4x4 and has a 6in rough country lift, with 35s.

The issue I am having is my truck will not sit level, even with the coils cranked all the way down. My nearly bald 35s are rubbing so badly I am afraid I am going to rip a fender flare off. Even just parking my tires rub, there is no way I could take it off road as it sits. I'm wondering if there is a chance these shocks are for a 4 in rough country lift, and not a 6 in somehow. I have a set of 1.5 in billet spacers from PRG sitting in my shop, which i'm thinking about stacking on top of the coilovers. I know this is generally a no-go due to coilbucket clearance and CV angles. But, theres plenty of room for UCA clearance and my CVs look fine.

Please let me know your thoughts, I haven't tried to contact greg yet because I doubt he will take these shocks back after being installed and used. The pictures in the snow is how my truck used to sit with the RC spacers on top of stock coilovers. The rest are how it sits now.

Thanks guys

IMG_20181208_151419423_HDR.jpg IMG_20190101_103749779.jpg IMG_20190720_103820884.jpg IMG_20190720_103911535.jpg IMG_20190720_103844761.jpg IMG_20190720_103955669_HDR.jpg IMG_20190720_104007381_HDR.jpg
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