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Note 2004 titan se 4wd 188k miles
Hi all,

As some of you may know ive been having an ordeal with my titan front suspension.(among other things). With that finally sorted, i need to move on to other issues, such as smelling coolant, the power steering fluid somehow exiting the reservoir and completing my trans flush.

I have a koyorad radiator.I know the factory radiators can fail and put coolant into the trans. Ive been planning to replace it since i bought the truck. Ive been reading that one of the best ways to do a full fluid change on the trans is to use the trans cooler lines. Ive done a drain and fill of about 3 quarts of fluid. I know there is a lot more in the trans to be removed. Here is the question.

I used the red Valvoline ATV, the max life i think.Which is what folks reccomended. My trans still seems to hesitate when shifting sometimes. Should i take this opportunity to swap it over to proper nissan S matic ATF?

On another note, should i replace the thermostat housing? I have a water pump, and the main radiator hoses. wondering if i need anything else

Finally, when doing the suspension, i had to turn the wheels back and forth and it puked power steering fluid. I know one of the lines from the reservoir is leaking/weeping.i have a new line for return feed. Are the reservoirs themselves common failure points? I'm getting tired of throwing money at the truck, but i also dont want to half .... the job.
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