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Pokey said:
Hello all,
I visit the site daily, but I'm not a big poster. Actually, this is the first post I've made since my truck came in back on the 20th of February.
There's nothing I can say that most of you don't already know. I love this truck. I thought I'd have a hard time transitioning from my Formula, which was a treat to drive on a daily basis, to this, as my family calls it, "Tank"! But man! I am having so much fun in this truck!

Now on to the issue of the radio.
First off, to those of you who are considering a Titan, please don't let this sway you away. You'd be missing out on an extraordinary vehicle!
I have the RF package in my truck, and yes it definitely does the stereo sound in and out thing. According to the display, the stereo signal that it is receiving is not going not, just the audio output is getting messed up. Reception is great. It pulls in stations better than any other radio I've have. Will driving, the stereo sound just sporatically fades in and drops out, but I've found, as someone else has stated earlier, that when you're stopped, the stereo locks in. There are quite a few red lights around me that have looong change times. If I catch them just as they turn red and I have to stop for a while, the stereo comes in beautifully. But, within seconds of removing my foot from the brake pedal and pressing on the accelerator, the stereo sound immediately drops out. I don't know how, but apparently it's causing some sort of malfunction in the audio output.

...not that this helps any, it's just what I've noticed...
Thanks for sharing! I am noticing the same thing you said. Hopefully, Nissan will have a fix for this problem soon.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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