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Funny thing, I live out in the woods and the other night I sit out listening to my radio and the thing was awsome! Why can't it be like that riding down the road! I knew the system was awsome with the CD as some are but the radio was even to my liking. Now to find out why it doesn't work like that all the time. Nissan told me to take it to a dealer for verification...Will it be one of those "things" that only happens when I'm driving? You know the mechanic drill or will I get some old guy that thinks I'm (not hearing things)? :crying:
I'm with you on that! When you are Parked or NOT Moving! It seems to hold Stereo! Start driving and it is IN and OUTof Stereo To Mono! I take many long trips so I cant Stand having to listen TO THIS! I've been keeping it off because it's So BAD! I hope they Will Fix this Problem! :wtf:
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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