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Radio Nav..Xbox...Computer...

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Thanx for the replies.....I figured I would post here instead of replying...This in reference to my other post....

I know what ya mean....I had a radio installed in my Toyota and they royally screwed it up...I mean it was loose and everything...They said it FIT my vehicle...Not Quite....

Here is what I am doing......

Not ordering the RF, DVD and NAV....This comes to roughly $4000..give or take...

Then ordering a Kenwood DVD/CD/MP3 player...Touch Screen.... and installing in the dash....Getting the XM or Sirrius Radio also...Upgrading the speakers and installing an amp and subwoofer.....Then I already have the Delorme GPS Nav system for my laptop which tells me when to turn and everything...It plugs in USB...I figure the most expesive part is the computer, which I can build a Win XP P4 system for really cheap and fab a case for under the seat....This is what I do on the side anyway ;-) :computern Then installing my xbox and PS2...since I have three of each.....Don't ask....That's another Forum... ;-)...I might install another screen up top or two in the headrests....but maybe later....I know it seems like a lot...but I have been saving for years and this is my forst BIG BOY truck...Wahooooooooooooo.... So I figure I deserve it....Well...not really....
I could do all of this for under $2500...maybe...Unless I go hog wild...

I hear ya about the dash being intergrated....That's the reason I am waiting to see what else they come out with...I might install the screen where the NAV would go and leave the dash alone...Not quite sure..Let me know your thoughts....Is there something I am missing or leaving out....I am not really an audiophile...I think that's the term...So I don't know a lot of the specifics. Let me know your thoughts....Thanx all

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How much are your screens and how do you wire a PS2/Xbox to one of the flipdowns?
Hey there....The screens are between $300-600 for the headrest ones....
the Kenwood in dash flip up touch screen DVD/CD/MP3...blah..blah.. in just under $1300...My understanding is that this deck has dual I could have something different on each screen..or at least two of them....the XBOX has standard RCA I was told by the radio dude that you just plug it in...I am not sure how you would do it with the factory dvd, as I have not seen it,,,I think the factory dvd in the center console has rca jacks on just need power...My guy does professional work for car shows and is EXTREMELY into it...I mean he actually built a custom mold for the looked factory...of course this was different truck...

Again...all of these things can be hooked into the screens....the computer needs a video out card and a couple of adjustments...I could even burn DVD's and CD's while on the road....Talk about overkill...hehe..

I will have all of this done by June...a little ways away...but I need a little more cash.....Dont we all..

Thanx all


hwwaaahhhhh said:
How much are your screens and how do you wire a PS2/Xbox to one of the flipdowns?
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Lots of pairs of headrest monitors on ebay for under 200... for example,

...i'm not sure if those are specifically what you want... Personally, i would like the flipdown one better because when I don't need them, i don't have to worry about theives.

Good luck with that! Post some pics of your progress if you can. :cheers:
Very ambitious. Put a big HD in the box and a wireless NIC with a big antenna so you can get Internet in hot zones around town and load mp3s and movies wirelessly from the house. Maybe set it up so you can use a cell phone as a modem to check email on the road.
yeah, I was thinking about using the plastic center peice that incapsulates where the Nav would go... and place an aftermarket TV in its place. At least keep it stock (not to mention, here in Va... its illegal to have a TV screen in front of the drivers view)

patiently waiting for a adapter for the dash so I can put in my #$*&@#!!! stereo
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