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radio on no sound

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ok had to jump start the truck this morning and everything was working fine, about half way to work the radio just stopped working, the unit was on but no sound
thought is was the station but changed stations and still no sound. anybody have any ideas on what might have happen.
its a 2006 with the stock radio
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My radio just went out also. I have an 05 with the Rockford set up that I just installed an aftermarket double din in and it just stopped working. my brother happens to have the same radio so we swapped units and his didn't work in mine but mine did in his. I narrowed it down and it seems my amp has gone bad. ordered a new one but wont have it til next week. im gonna try the reset like you all did to see if that helps but I believe my amp is done. .
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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