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radio on no sound

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ok had to jump start the truck this morning and everything was working fine, about half way to work the radio just stopped working, the unit was on but no sound
thought is was the station but changed stations and still no sound. anybody have any ideas on what might have happen.
its a 2006 with the stock radio
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Oddly enough, I have a similar issue. I didn't have to jump my truck, but when I turned it on there was no sound. All buttons worked, turned the volume up really high and I managed to get some noise out of the speakers but barely enough to hear it at about 90% volume.

Turned the truck off and restarted and the volume button and radio selection (FM, AM, XM, etc) wouldn't work, but all the Nav and thermostat buttons would work.

Thinking we might have bad faceplates? I've got an '08 RF 6 disc.
Try a radio reset. Remove all power to the radio for at least 30 seconds (remove battery ground cable then reattach). A reset will usually 'fix' weird problems.
This worked for me. Still doesn't fix my clock not working in cold weather, but at least I have sound again.
Ok so back on here. Resetting it works for a short trip or two, but then it goes out again. Can be driving and all of a sudden radio stops working. NAV and thermostat controls work fine, any radio control won't work including holding volume down to turn it off.

The only thing I did to the truck before this was solder a connection for my LED bed lights that had previously just been spliced in. Rosin core solder, siliconed and taped afterword to waterproof, not battery drainage or anything so I don't think it's a grounding issue.
Noooo, that's what I was afraid of. It's been working for the last two days (knock on wood) so I'm hoping I can limp along with it for a little while longer.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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