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Radio from Doc posted earlier

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Well I was just reading throught the doc that was posted earlier today and noted the following:

Audio System
• Mid- and premium-grade head units are new.
• Audio system shares the same display with the Navigation System and HVAC.
• Mid-grade AM/FM/CD-6 in-dash with 8 speakers.
• Premium-grade Bose AM/FM/CD-6 in dash with 10 speakers and subwoofer.
• The vehicle is pre-wired for satellite radio.
• Armada uses a Diversity antenna for enhanced reception performance.
– One on the drivers side rear window
– One on the passenger side rear window
All Titan models come with a mast-type antenna.
– These antennas have been specifically-designed for optimum reception on this particular vehicle, and use an antenna signal booster located at the upper C-pillar

• A front auxiliary input jack for headphones and remote CD is located below the climate

This may be the cause for the 'weak reception' problems on the upgraded system. Not sure if it has anything to do with the RF system problem.

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Amen, cause this radio is driving me nuts!!! :gunz: :crying:
Reception is not my problem it is the STEREO SOUND coming and going. Mainly going! :crying:
Thanks Jeeptug, I got a call from a Nissan rep today asking if I had any problems and I informed them about the radio as well as my rear seat belt which for some reason has started working properly. They noted the radio problem and told me I would have a J.D. Powers survey coming in soon. I would really like that radio fixed before doing any more positive surveys.
Glad to (HEAR) that I'm not just imagining this sound or that it's not JUST me. Sorry, but if it were only me I would not feel to good about gettin the sucker fixed.

All call 1-800-Nissan 1 and report the problem. This will drive you nuts!! I have to just listen to the engine sometimes to break up the MONO!

I would suggest CD listeners to listen to their radios for a while and make sure you have no problem.

Dr. Martin.
billq, Love that bull bar and grill!
Amen, jeeptug! I don't want anybody tearing into my dash as well and then there may be other problems (rattle etc.) to worry about. If so many of these "Tuners' are bad there has to be a better answer than to just "try another one till it works" Unless they have narrowed it down to an earlier production problem and have the (bug) outta there. I may print out these post and carry them to the dealer to show them I'm not just imagining things!
RF 6 CD here also. :crying:
Seen it several times static, but Wow! that is a good looking truck!

Just wish the radio matched.
1 - 8 of 31 Posts
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