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Radio from Doc posted earlier

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Well I was just reading throught the doc that was posted earlier today and noted the following:

Audio System
• Mid- and premium-grade head units are new.
• Audio system shares the same display with the Navigation System and HVAC.
• Mid-grade AM/FM/CD-6 in-dash with 8 speakers.
• Premium-grade Bose AM/FM/CD-6 in dash with 10 speakers and subwoofer.
• The vehicle is pre-wired for satellite radio.
• Armada uses a Diversity antenna for enhanced reception performance.
– One on the drivers side rear window
– One on the passenger side rear window
All Titan models come with a mast-type antenna.
– These antennas have been specifically-designed for optimum reception on this particular vehicle, and use an antenna signal booster located at the upper C-pillar

• A front auxiliary input jack for headphones and remote CD is located below the climate

This may be the cause for the 'weak reception' problems on the upgraded system. Not sure if it has anything to do with the RF system problem.

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at first I thought you guys were crazy or had hearing problems, haha :jester: but my wife and i were driving around town shopping and everywhere we went the stereo sound kept cutting in and out making it sound like the music we were listening to was AM. Good Lawwd!!! it is really pissing me off now. Nissan better remedy the problem before i raise hell. :soap: thanks to you guys out there raising hell for me, we should have a solution soon i hope, thanks again fellas!!! peace
here's exactly how mine sounds:

driving down the road singing along and BAMM!!! it's like someone turned down the treble all of a sudden. only when the radio is on, but when i am playing a cd it doesn't seem to have a problem. my model is the one with the RF with the 6 disc cd changer in it and the 8 speaker system.
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