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Radio from Doc posted earlier

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Well I was just reading throught the doc that was posted earlier today and noted the following:

Audio System
• Mid- and premium-grade head units are new.
• Audio system shares the same display with the Navigation System and HVAC.
• Mid-grade AM/FM/CD-6 in-dash with 8 speakers.
• Premium-grade Bose AM/FM/CD-6 in dash with 10 speakers and subwoofer.
• The vehicle is pre-wired for satellite radio.
• Armada uses a Diversity antenna for enhanced reception performance.
– One on the drivers side rear window
– One on the passenger side rear window
All Titan models come with a mast-type antenna.
– These antennas have been specifically-designed for optimum reception on this particular vehicle, and use an antenna signal booster located at the upper C-pillar

• A front auxiliary input jack for headphones and remote CD is located below the climate

This may be the cause for the 'weak reception' problems on the upgraded system. Not sure if it has anything to do with the RF system problem.

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Glad to see that you guys are putting that doc to use!!
bvstone1 said:

Could you post some pics of the antenna for XM? Inside and out? Just curious what it looks like mounted on the window. I plan to add this as well.
If it is a Nissan sat setup then the antenna should be mounted on the roof!!
Nissan does not have sat radio with a window mounted antenna!!
billqaudiovideo said:
Actually the XM antenna is made by Antenna Specialist for Nissan. It is not the standard roof mount antenna for XM it is a window mount with a small mast. It works very well and has a beffy look to match the truck. Will take pics Friday.
Thats weird, because Nissan does not offer Sat radio for the 350Z Roadster because they do not have a windshield mounted antenna. According to Nissan the problem is that the antenna that they use needs to be grounded to the car, so the windshield mounted antenna would not work!! Maybe they do not have one that looks good for the front windshield?? anyway, the price on my site is for all the parts needed for installation. There is actually 3 part numbers, but that is the total!! I do not stock them ,but it should only take a coupe of days for ME to get it then I can ship it to you UPS ground.
1 - 3 of 31 Posts
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