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As the title says, I just made the switch from a 2017 Ram 1500 V6 to a 2018 Titan SV. The main reason for the switch was the V6 Ram wasn't cutting it, although I loved the truck. The new Hemi Rams weren't going to be kind on the wallet for what I wanted. So far, I'm very happy with the Titan. It is certainly lacking in the electronics department compared to the Ram, but makes up for it in other places.

I've already added a Bakflip Tonneau cover and installed the black TITAN letters in the grille. Next will be some new tires (probably KO2s), front window tint to match the rear, AVS Aeroskin bug deflector, and possibly a level.

Also a quick question....has anyone resprayed their front bumper? I know the Titans have a history of paint chipping and mine is certainly no exception, as the original owner commuted 100+ miles per day on the highway. My OCD is not liking the paint chipping at all!

This forum has been very helpful so far and has already answered a few questions. Thanks all!
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