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Ranch Fiberglass Cap Reviews??

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I have been looking for a bed cap for a while and just found a good deal on a Ranch Sierra Fiberglass. $1075. I will post the link below.

Does anyone have any experience with Ranch products?

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I highly recommend anyone that want's a topper and/or lid for their truck to go elsewhere. Ranch quality has went from a 10 to a 0. I personally dealt with this company in person and by phone in regards to color match issues as well as paint finish. Both were way off...... Color match for a brand new white truck was at least three shades off with the paint finish having wheel marks throughout. In addition, paint overspray was all over the hardware after being re-painted for the second time. This is my second Ranch lid in which the first one was excellent in every regard, but since then this company has failed. In a few words, they simply don't care. It's a shame, I thought Ranch was one of the best out there. It cost me an additional $450.00 to have my new lid re-painted and finished properly by my GM dealer. The style along with build is great.......beyond that you're on your own.
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